guided by gratitude

“interrupt anxiety with gratitude”

that line was introduced to me earlier this season + since then it’s made an impact on my heart in more ways than one. it’s way too easy for someone like me to get overwhelmed and consumed by anxiety, but finding yourself in those thoughts and interrupting them with gratitude can metamorphosize your mindset.

being proactive with gratitude is just as important- finding ways to implement that emotion into your day, more specifically at the start can make a world of a difference. i imagine this looks different to everyone, we all face unique challenges and perspectives but we all have the ability to find something we are thankful for. you don’t have to put pressure on being thankful for only the big things in your life, waking up and seeing the sun can be enough if you let it.

each morning when i’m still in between being asleep and awake the first thing i instinctively do is notice an element. because of where my bed is placed in my room i tend to look at the window. when you train your mind to be excited for the little things, like looking at the window first thing in the morning and absorbing the warmth from the rising sun, you start to find gratitude in everything. life becomes a lot more beautiful this way.

celebrate others. celebrate progress, not perfection. cultivate gratitude over comparison. gratitude turns what we have into more than enough.

all my love,  morgan 

all my love,


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