be kind to your body.

What you speak to yourself in your own mind matters too.

I think summer is an especially difficult time for some people. To me when I think of the season, warmth and sunshine are the two most prevalent thoughts I feel. But I want to recognize that  for a lot of people, it’s a season consumed by daunting comparison. I wanted to make this blog post for those people, whether it’s a daily battle or a distant feeling, having a caring mindset about yourself matters in any capacity.

To me, the first step of accepting flaws or differences about oneself is acknowledging that you are human. Which is a pretty obvious thought, but there's much more depth to a statement like that. Being human means that you are never going to be perfect. You will have bumps in your life both metaphorically while going through emotions and physically, on your skin, and that's quite okay. You are not an alien, you are not a greek god. You are certainly not made up of steel or unbreakable materials. You have bones that break. A heart that can break. Lungs that can grow weak. Cells that can die.

But, your bones can heal. Your heart can be re born. Your lungs can grow stronger. Your cells can be renewed. And just like your body parts can heal, so can you. With time. With patience. And with compassion.


When you catch yourself in a bout with comparison this summer, challenge those thoughts with another, one of more loving nature.

Look at your hands, they have pet so many cute animals and dried so many of your tears.

Look at your feet, they have walked you to some of your favorite places, and away from the worst ones.

Look at your belly and think of the days when it’s been full and warm with your favorite foods.

Look at your legs, they have held you up when you thought you weren’t strong enough to stand.

Look at your eyes, they have seen so many beautiful people.

Look at your mouth, it has told so many people that you love them,

Your body has been there with you since day 1, love it, because it loves you.

Morgan LiskaComment