all. ways. love.

I don’t think I have ever lived more fully and intentionally in my life than I have since being in Boston for about 2 months now. I moved to this city knowing no one, expecting a conventional, mediocre college experience. What I have found here has been wildly different to that. Never have I loved life more than I do at this moment. Everyday here is a true adventure. I never know what the day will offer me when the sun rises, who I’ll meet, what memories I will make- everyday here is a dream.

My life in Vermont seemed radically different to that of what it is now. I spent the majority of my days alone and in nature. I always preferred solitude. Being homeschooled kept me safe in my little bubble. I never had a typical high school experience so I didn’t expect that college would be any different. I didn’t expect to feel so at home in a brand city, spending my days with people I had never met before but somehow knowing that they would make such a large impact on my heart. I found friends within hours of being here, I made one of the best memories of my life the very first night I moved to Boston. I’m not sure how I ended up being placed amongst such beautiful humans with even more beautiful hearts- ones who are always ready for an adventure and never stop living fully in every minute.

I know I’m lucky when I say that my story of gravitating towards these people is not the case for everyone. I’ve heard just as many girls say that they’ve been here for 2 months and have still not made friends. I try to remind myself everyday that there are still classmates of mine who probably sit next to me and don’t have as many memories to carry with them as I do. It’s so easy to forget this, to just assume because you’ve found your people, that everyone else has by now too- but that’s just not the case. So if you are someone who feels wildly comfortable in your group, be the person to reach out to someone who doesn’t. Be the warm energy they need- open your heart to different kinds of people, different kinds of love.

I hope wherever you land on this spectrum, you offer yourself and others around you compassion and non judgement while we all travel along this journey. Please always remember that you are your own person, you don’t need to follow or subscribe to a particular timeline.

I hope you find acceptance. The kind that rings through your bones, the kind that quiets the voice inside of you that tells you that you are not good enough, or that you are falling behind. I hope you forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made, for the past you keep alive inside of you. I hope you learn to let go- of the things you had to do in order to heal, or to grow, or to survive. You are doing your best. You are human. Please don’t ever forget that.

All my love,


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