My Mind

I'm such an incredibly, stupidly sensitive person that everything that happens to me, I experience it really intensely. I feel everything very deeply. And when you feel things deeply and you think about how you feel, you learn a lot about yourself. And when you know yourself, you know life. 

My whole life I’ve always felt a lot of different things, being misunderstood, is certainly one of them. I could pinpoint a lot of variables that made me different when I was younger, but one of them was the fact that I felt things, so incredibly deeply. Maybe it was just my own journey of growing into my emotions and trains of thought, but feeling misunderstood (especially in times of frustration or sadness) was a very commonly felt emotion. I found myself a lot of the times confused, ashamed, or even embarrassed that I was upset over certain things that some people weren’t. On top of that, I was a very shy kid, and the struggle of having a deeply empathetic heart and a shy mind can often make life very secluding.

As I’ve grown up more and come into my own mind, I’ve been able to see the world in the true light I was supposed to. You get to a certain point when you have a mind like mine (and maybe I’m not there yet) where things just start make a lot more sense. You are able to stop life for a moment and understand why you react certain ways and why other people don’t. I find a great amount of security when I’m able to sit and analyze a situation, whether I was wrong or right, finding answers for your own actions is always a way to put peace to a situation or moment that you might have previously found confusing.

What I just shared with you is only one of the ways that I have been able to function with the type of mind that I have. Being deeply sensitive has a lot of cons, but it also is a gift, and learning how to utilize your thoughts, no matter what kind of person you are, is always going to be a good thing to practice wherever you go in life. I encourage you to occasionally set aside time and ask yourself questions, ask others questions, dig deep into why your psyche.

Morgan LiskaComment