You Are A Forest

Even if you are a small forest surviving off of moon alone. Your light is extraordinary. - Reminder

Summer is ending, whether I want to admit it or not, I can't help but feel fall lingering over my shoulders. As you might have read in my last blog post, this summer meant a lot to me, but it's a lot more sad to see it end than I originally explained.

Each time my brain reminds itself of the closing of summer, one word comes to my mind: cold. And that word, scares me. It's not just a temperature to me, its a feeling. It's the lack of sun that shines in the dead of winter, it's the overwhelming draining thought of going outside under 40 layers of clothes. For some people, winter isn't just about Christmas or snow shoeing, it's about not letting the season overtake our bodies with negative thoughts, because each time I think about summer ending, I realize things that I didn't do, and then it's fall, and it's too late, and before I know it, winter is here and I don't have the luxury of walking out my door every morning to take my dog for a walk in a summer dress with thin sandals on my feet. 


The other day I wondered through a forest, I looked and took in every little ray of light that pocketed itself through the trees. This little act, didn't solve much for me, but it reminded me that every living thing in this forest is going to be existing through the exact same winter as me, and it'll still be here when spring comes. The trees will still be trees, and the wild flowers will re grow, and the animals will hibernate but still wake up in 4 months.


I have to take a lesson from this walk in the forest and remember to take care of myself this winter, because I want to be here next spring to see all the magic that the new season brings. 

Ps: more posts surrounding seasonal affect disorder coming/disregard the choppiness of this post, I'm sorry, my thoughts were tangled up tonight. 


love + light, morgan. 

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