Every Summer Has A Story

But in my heart the sun never sets, the story never ends, and summer will never die. 

This summer will forever be in the books as a very influential one for me; I felt a lot of growth, magic, and fascination within my heart the past few months.


I faced a lot of unknowns within this summer, and as I keep reflecting on the past two months, thinking that not a lot happened physically, but emotionally, I feel revived.

As always, my initial thoughts are never easy to explain, and maybe it’s just the nostalgic energies that summer gives me, but something inside me feels different.

This summer I grew to realize that not everyone is worth your time, and that you also can’t please everyone. Having to let go of that pressure that I naturally create for myself has been quite the journey in itself.

You have to really focus on who you are giving your energy too, because not everyone around you deserves all of it.

I had a lot of adventures and memories made this summer, and none of them will ever leave my heart. But one lesson that seems to be very constant in anything I participated in this summer, was the underlying thought of pushing myself. I have to push myself  in general quite often because a lot of things scare and intimidate me (via: anxiety), those are feelings that I let envelop me last winter, but was able to break out of this summer.

I kept surprising myself and in those little moments joy grew in my heart that I will lock away and save for a day when I need to remind myself about all the magic that I am.

Thank you to anyone who was apart of my life this summer, even if it was in a very minute way, it all means something to me and I will keep you in my heart forever.


Morgan LiskaComment