Sometimes Only Paper Will Listen

I hope that someday when I am gone, someone, somewhere, picks my soul up off these pages and thinks, “I would have loved her”



Drawing, painting, sewing, writing-  all those elements have been a constant in my lifetime. Recently, I’ve been sharing with the world more and more of what the inside of my journal(s) hold, and while I would love to reveal the breathings of every single page, there are secrets in them that I will keep until my death, feelings that haven’t been satisfied, stories that haven’t received a deserving ending. The full contents of my journal(s) are reserved to me and my bedroom exclusively, aka my #1 work space. I make exceptions from time to time and like to share some of the most light hearted pages, follow my Instagram (@morganliska) for more. 



The Insides:



I typically write about what my heart is telling me, I listen long and hard to whatever idea, concept, or word, comes to my mind when I sit down with my journal each night. Somedays I have the clearest vision of what I want to document, but I’ll be honest, a lot of days, there's nothing much more than a simply memory or thought to share.



When I do find myself lost in translation between my thoughts and the paper, I print out photos and start there. Once I’ve located the spot in my brain where I can transfer back to what I was living through in that second, I run with the perspective, and explore it from all different angles until I’ve interpreted it suitably.



The One Rule:



Document the first page of every journal you occupy with the date you started it, (this also applies to the day you finish the last page in your journal).



The Shell:



I personally like to keep my all my journals blank on the outside; I’ve definitely pondered the possibility of bringing the theme of each one to the front, but have chosen not to for pure sake of consistency. And shall the day ever come I where I’m most likely far gone from this life and pursuing my next one, I want whoever picks them up, to not judge them by their covers, each one has equal opportunity to make you think in different ways.



The Why:



I started journaling consistently and keeping stock of them this past January. I was just broken up with and had way too much time on my hands to be dedicating all my thoughts to someone who decided I wasn’t good enough for them. At night, I would lay in my bed and just ache, again, thinking way too much, I would always reach for a piece of paper to document these thoughts and lines going through my mind in hopes that once they reached paper I would never come across them again. 7 days later, I started my first journal and decided to turn my heartbreak into art. I owe my ability to move on from a devastating event to my journal, it was there for me, and I will be eternally grateful of that.



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