Summer Has Me Thinking

"The whole universe interests me" -George Brecht

Although it’s not my favorite season, I truly do enjoy summer. This summer particularly has been a pretty magical one: the sunsets, the people, the thoughts. Everything is just so right.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately, and there are some things I wanted to address on here:

First off, I want this blog to be a safe place for people living through similar lives as me. I want it to be a haven full of love, acceptance, and comfort. That being said, if you see something that makes you relate to my blog or just feel something while reading it, please tell me. As a creator on this kind of platform, there is nothing more fulfilling and enchanting than doing just what I set out to do through my blog- connecting with people. Sharing stories, struggles, heartbreaks. My heart flutters when someone reaches out to me to talk about my posts, so please don’t ever hesitate to talk to me.

Second, I wanted to finally share something that is very, very close to my heart: spirituality, it’s been something I only discovered the past year, but has brought me on one of the most beautiful journeys I’ve ever walked. There are very few things I’ve ever hesitated to talk about on this site, but I’ve always found myself dismissing this topic for a lot of different reasons:

It seems everyone has an opinion on the topic, and the simple logic that its usually a very controversial topic; but everyone's story is different and everyone has experienced their own unique moments that usually shape big moral compasses such as religious beliefs.

Let me tell you a little about my story:

I grew up as a catholic, I went to catholic, private school for the majority of my life where we went to Church two times a week and had prayers/religious teachings everyday. Growing up, I never truly felt a connection to the catholic teachings, or the stories that were told to me. That being said, since it was the only life I really ever knew for a long part of my life, I believed all of it, and never questioned it. In middle school, after I transferred to public school, I lost my religion (if I even ever had it?). I found myself just rejecting all the things that catholicism was; for some reason, being a catholic, and worshiping this one God, didn’t sit well with me. I started to disassociate myself with the religion and follow what just felt natural. Since middle school I have struggled with my identify in that aspect of my life, because having that label and community growing up was such a vital part of my life, I felt like I needed to belong to something, to connect to something, I had this underlying confusion of believing in ‘something out there’, but rejecting major religions.


Eventually, I was lead to the beliefs that I encompass today, but it was one of the longest self discoveries I’ve ever had to experience. These are just some brief summaries of what I believe in today:


- There is no god to me, I do however believe that there are very powerful energies that control the universe (ie: karma).

- Scientifically, I can know that our energies are recycled when we die, and I agree with that. I don’t believe that people either go to heaven or hell. I know that our shells (bodies) die, but I believe that our spirits and energies are converted back into the universe. I 110% believe in past lives, and that our souls live forever. It’s an eternal kind of thing.

- As for guidance, while some people turn to the pages of a bible or even pray, I look inside myself, and do a lot reflecting and thinking. I look for signs from the universe because I think that intuition and messages sent from the energies this world we live in and we are made of, is filled with all the answers to our questions.

- I know that there are hundreds of different religions and perhaps one day I will find one with a belief system that I relate to, and I’m certainly always going to keep an open mind.


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read a little bit of what goes on inside my brain.

Morgan LiskaComment