Through Our Eyes

The idea of perspectives have always fascinated me, and I mean that in every sense of the word: mental and physical. Mental in the way that their can be so many different sides and perspectives to a story, no two people are going to see anything the same way. And more so what I’m talking about in this post, the physical aspect. To be more specific, how we see ourselves.

You have only seen yourself two times: Taking a picture and looking at the image; or, staring in the mirror and seeing your reflection.


But you never get to see the way your eyes light up when you talk about someone (something) you love. And you can never see how beautiful you look when you really smile. It’s really kinda sad that you have never actually seen yourself.


It’s quite the paradox to think that we spend our whole lives with ourselves, and like to think we know us the best- all the different parts of us, yet we never truly get to see ourselves. We can look at pictures or videos, but never see us in those little, subconscious moments where big things always seem to occur.






Morgan LiskaComment