No Such Thing As Too Much Love

Anyone who takes the time to be kind is beautiful:

15 Acts of Love To Practice For The Rest of Your Life:

- Say goodmorning to the person next to you in line for coffee

- Put a coin in an expired meter

- Say “please” and “thank you”- and genuinely mean it

- Compliment someone's outfit

- Send flowers to someone you love

- Check in on an old friend

- Smile at passing strangers

- Pick up a piece of garbage from the street (it’s important to show love to the earth too!)

- Forgive someone who really hurt you, and let them know you’ve moved on

- Open the door for someone

- Leave a big tip

- Write a note of encouragement and gratitude for your waiter/waitress on your receipt

- Pay for a stranger’s meal

- Donate to a charity 

- Spread love in any eternal fashion that you can



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