Never Stop Breaking, Never Stop Healing

When we are young kids, asking for help is to be expected, it’s never frowned upon, or second guessed, but, when we reach a certain age, there is a stigma that seems to enter our reality, and suddenly, asking for help, isn’t so welcomed.

Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve read countless articles depicting and giving explanation as to why asking for help is just so hard. From all the readings I did, it seemed like each one coincided with the theme that our society is so exasperated on self dependency that we have almost lost our way, and to the average person, “getting help” intimidates them.

In this case I’m going to be explaining my opinion on “getting help” in the mental health realm, (possibly one of the hardest things to seek help about), but know that there are so many people in this world who are stricken with fear or the idea that they’ll be perceived as stupid on an everyday level. Haven’t you ever been in a tricky class during high school and it seemed like everyone else understood it but YOU.

I fall under the category that I think the majority of us do as well, asking for help with my mental well being was and still can be very scary. I’ve been open about the fact that I started going to therapy on a regular basis this year, but it took me so, so long to mustard up the courage to even bring up the subject to my parents. I had so many different ideas about how they would think of me if I started going (all of which was totally unwarranted by the way).

I’ll never stop asking for help in my life, and you should never think you are alone with your thoughts + feelings. If you are someone who has been struggling lately, even if it’s in just the slightest caliber, this is your sign to seek help, in whichever way you think that might be. For some people that might mean reaching out to a friend, or a therapist, or even your minister.


I never realized how much I liked to talk about myself, and I don’t mean that in a superficial manner, I mean that it’s really, really healthy to talk about yourself, not just think, but actually say your thoughts out loud. For a while, I would talk to myself, and I occasionally still will if needed, but the act of talking to someone who is completely non judgemental and unbiased, is such a relieving thing to do.

Therapy never holds a destination, it’s a constant, eternal road of self help and recovery. I never go into a session with a set intention to heal myself right then and there over whatever it is that has upset me, that’s just frankly not how proactive healing works. You can certainly tell yourself that, and I’m not denying that sometimes you just need to rant and get shit out of your system, but in actuality, true healing comes from time. Just like a lot of things in life, and depending on the magnitudes of your situations, you have to be patient. I can count on one hand how many things I’ve been able to overcome since entering my therapist's office last January, and I still have many more hand fulls to go.

The cool thing about therapy is that after you pour your heart out, it’s the therapist's job to help you find why you feel that way. And sometimes in order to grasp your emotions properly, it’s nice to be told by a professional why you react to things in certain ways. I suppose the message I’m trying to convey is that therapy, is just one more way to help you answer questions in your life about yourself, sometimes it’s questions you never even knew you had.

I’ll never stop breaking, but I’ll also never stop healing.


Morgan LiskaComment