We Only Have What We Remember

Life is a collection of moments

I have always been a very nostalgic + sentimental person, for as long as I remember I have been saving little keepsakes that remind me of a specific day, place, or person.

Each time I would collect one of these little treasures, I always ended up losing them- and that’s when I created a: memory box.

I’m sure that I'm the only person who does this, but I’m the only person I know who takes it as seriously as I do.

My memory boxes have become such an important and intricate part of my life, they are the ultimate passage of time for me. When I’m decades older and want to touch, smell, or remember a day, all I’ll have to do is pick up that one item, and be taken back, which I think is a really magical thing to think about.

How To Start A Memory Box:

- There’s truly no precise rules to creating one of these boxes, it should completely emulate you + your taste in this moment. Don’t pay attention to if you’ll hate the design in 30 years, because at one time, you made the decision and loved it so much you decided to keep all your memories in there.

- I personally create a memory box for each year, but you can certainly shorten the time period or even extend it. Ideas: Memory box from highschool/college, memory box from summer camp.

- It might seem incredibly time consuming, but I make it an effort that each time I place something in my memory box, I write down why I’m keeping it. I’ve found that this list in each one of my memory boxes holds the most important things: the feelings attached to each item, and documenting your feelings is one of the most powerful and resurging things you can do.


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