A Course In Miracles

I suppose it will all make sense someday. 

16 years on earth will provide you with many lows: heartbreak, rejection, self doubt, insecurity, the list can go on and on- but one mantra that has gotten me through it all, ‘everything happens for a reason’.

The past year I have found myself whispering it at least 3 times a day, it’s an incredibly grounding statement, it gives you a sense of hope and reassurance in this wild, unpredictable world.

I’ve been able to apply this logic to literally every part of my life, since people are always searching for answers, especially when an outcome is not in your favor, this provides one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely blind to reality, I know this will never fix something that has gone wrong, but it certainly helps you cope.

These terrible things that happen to us in life, like death, heartbreak, and rejection, are, yes, usually hard to process, but they are all happening for a larger reason. Maybe that reason is to open yourself to a new perspective (as it usually is in my case), or to teach you to love the people in your life more intensely, or to bring a new soul into your life. It’s never going to seem like it in the moment, but if you sit back, breathe, and just take it all in, eventually, time will show you why those things needed to happen.

Through my breakup this past winter, I had to process the loss of someone who I shared some of the best memories with. One of the biggest things that helped me begin to move on was the idea that this person was brought into my life for a reason (and I still believe that), even though they hurt me so much in the end, but going through that time after the breakup, I was able to create some of my best poetry, art work, and learn more about myself in that time than I really ever have.

And so it goes- things always get better in time, and the moment you realize this, the universe will bring so much love and light.

With all my love,



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