My Body Is A Canvas, I Will Fill It With Art

As with all my tattoos (current + future) they have to have deep meaning to me, always.

I think permanently drawing something onto your skin is such a magical process and just is one of the things that makes you, more you.

Does that make sense?

Well, one of the things that makes me, me, is my diet. I say diet, but being vegan literally affects almost every decision and thought I have, so it’s more of a lifestyle.


This specific tattoo is one made popular by the organization 269 Life. 269 is the number of a calf who was saved by animal rights activists days before his slaughter date; when I learned about this movement my heart was captured and I loved the idea of getting the tattoo. I’m hoping that this tattoo will be a good conversation piece with people and I’m able to spread the message of compassion and the veganism lifestyle to as many as I can.

I hope you take a look at the 269 life website and become enlightened to the horrific acts imposed upon these animals every single day.

An excerpt from the 269 life site: “This anonymous male calf will be forever immortalized on our bodies, and hopefully this message of solidarity will somehow bring a new way of looking at non-human animals. No animal should ever be exploited to satisfy the selfish needs and whimsical desires of humans.”

With all my love,


Morgan LiskaComment