Longing For Lake Placid

Everywhere I go I keep falling in love with the trees and wanting just to stay a bit longer. 


There’s something so comforting to me about jumping in the car on a weekend morning with my parents, phone, blanket, and food in hand, while we load up our car for the day and just drive. We never really have a plan or a final destination, all we have is adventure in our minds and the world at our fingertips.

This weekend we ended up a little farther away from home than we usually do- Lake Placid, and a few other towns in between of course. Stopping at a giant ice castle on the side of the road was one of them, along with making the most of our ferry ride on the lake with a photoshoot on the top deck. 

It was such a great time in Lake Placid (as our weekend adventures always are), I love that little village, it’s so picturesque and one of my favorite towns in Upstate New York. In the warmer times of the year we will almost always go on one of these Sunday trips throughout New Hampshire, Vermont, and Upstate New York so expect more of these posts to come! 

It was unusually warm this weekend making it the perfect day for adventuring. For a February day in Vermont, it reached 50 degrees, so I had to take advantage of showing off a cute outfit with minimal layers.

Outfit Details:

Black jeans: Bonton

Sunglasses: Trinket VT

Top: Forever 21

Jacket: One Tree

Bandana: Urban Outfitters

Hat: April Cornell

Shoes: Franco Sarto


The Playlist On Our Weekend Adventure: 

Bastille- These Streets

Lady Gaga- Million Reasons

Natasha Bedingfield- Unwritten

The Weekend- The Hills (cover by Sarah Close)

Kygo- It Ain’t Me

Nav- Some Way

Morgan Liska