Love: The Lonliest Place

I believe there is penance in yearning. There is poverty in giving too much of your heart. When your desire for another is not returned in equal measure- nothing in the world could compensate for the shortfall. Sometimes the loneliest place is to be in love. - lang leav.

I’ve noticed that unrequited love is the ultimate form of heartbreak and rejection. Whether the other person never tried in the first place, or (even worse), that effort slowly faded away into the distance.

It’s especially difficult to realize when something like a relationship has lost that little spark, when there was both a time that each person gave so much. As someone who cares very deeply about people but it also very indecisive and doesn’t want to settle- it’s a battle when you throw a thing like unrequited love into my life. 

I would love to live in a life where with all my heart I could so effortlessly preach  that you should just turn away and not bother giving something so precious like your love to someone who doesn’t want it at all- but I’ve never been able to. I do proceed with caution in situations like this but usually end up falling for that person and getting very hurt in the end. Let me give you a little glimpse into my logic. 

                                         here is where I let go: 

I hate “what if’s” and if I don’t try give this person the benefit of the doubt, I drive myself absolutely crazy thinking that something really magical could’ve happen- even if I know deep down it just leads to complete and utter disappointment. I hate the thought of giving up on something so powerful and riveting like love.

Love and lust will always drive people to do wild things, but there is something to be said about moments in life where you feel so certain about things that all you can do is give someone so much of your heart.



Morgan Liska