Everyday Is Beautiful

“Someone fell in love today. Someone was born today. Someone lived through something that could’ve killed them. Someone won back the love of their life. Someone made their parents proud. Someone survived. Someone healed. Someone let go.”


Ever since reading this quote, it’s what I remind myself every day, it helps you see the positive even through a really shitty day. Just the simple thought that someone had the best day of their life today, or even went on their first date, gives me such a warm feeling in my heart.

I’m glad I have this platform to spread this quote in any way I can because I absolutely love the reasoning behind it. I just think it’s so pivotal in the human experience to be happy for other people, even if you aren’t happy with yourself that particular day.

I hope you feel as much happiness as I did when I read this quote for the first time, and I hope today you are able to find solace and celebrate in the simple fact that today may have not been your your lucky day, but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming.

Here are some pictures of people and places that remind me just how beautiful every day really is. :))


IMG_2092 2.JPG
IMG_1987 2.JPG
IMG_1608 2.JPG
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