If we could look into each other's hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other more gently, with more love, tolerance, and care. 

I’ve grown to be so proud and grateful for the evolution my blog has taken in the past 3 years. The amount of love and light that it has brought me, and the messages I’ve received have served me such happiness, I wish everyone would be able to experience something comparable to it at least one time in their life.

I think the most important lesson I’ve been able to learn from this journey, is just how important it is to share your story. I’m not sure if sharing this jinxes me, but I wrote my college essay on this exact lesson. Everyone secludes themselves with their emotions, EVERYONE. It’s an epidemic, and it’s extremely unhealthy, but it stems from the growing stigma surrounding mental health. It’s become way too easy to think that you are the only one. Somedays I like to blame it on the existence of social media, which has created this filter to only show the world our most perfect moments, which I believe is a beautiful tool to have, but it also just makes it that much easier to forget how we all hurt, we all get nervous, we all are unsure of ourselves at some point. You have a front row seat to all of the shitty and flawed things that occur in our lives, and we forget that everyone else goes through the exact same things.

I believe it’s more important than ever to share your story. We all witnessed the significance and magnitude that the #metoo movement brought into this world- I can’t even imagine how many more people it helped feel less alone, justify their hurt, their suffering, and their own struggles. I hope one day, the world will grow to accept movements just like this one, and never shame the participants, as some people did. On the other hand, I can attest to just how scary and intimidating sharing intimate parts or stories of your life can be. And it certainly never helps when people shame you for it. But I do it all the time now, and with a lot of ease, something I never thought would once be the case. For the majority of my life I was so afraid to talk about things I now love writing about and sharing with other people (ie: mental health, anxiety, insecurities, etc.) and I know it’s drilled into our brains from a very early age to hide feelings, and it's incredibly scary to be vulnerable. But one thing I’ve learned is that sharing your story, even if it’s just with one person, can be the birthplace of a very beautiful product. You not only help yourself move on, you are literally reaching out and placing your heart in someone else's hands with the sole intention to help them feel less forsaken, which I believe to be one of the purest forms of love there is.  


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