Why I Feel So Much

Telling someone "don't let it affect you" to a person that is hurting, is like saying "stop bleeding" to someone who has just been stabbed.

If you haven’t ever read my blog before, you might not know: I am a deeply emotional person, and I’m okay with that. I mean, for a long time I thought there was just something wrong with me because my reactions to things were always on such a different level than everyone else’s; I clearly tended to feel things a lot more intensely than my friends or peers, which was difficult for a long time, because society looks down upon people who are ‘overly emotional’.

So I hope from reading my own adversity and struggles that have come along with embracing the sensitive being that I am, you remember that whatever feelings you experience from a situation, they are 100% valid. It’s okay to feel hurt and accept that you are hurt if someone breaks your heart, and it’s okay to feel happy about someone leaving your life.

Why I Used To Hide My Emotions:

I use the word ‘hide’, very hesitantly, because sometimes I can’t really help hiding tears, they just happen, and it comes to a certain point where I let them flow. But, at every point I could muster up the courage in my life, I did hide my feelings, because for some reason I just thought they weren’t valid, and I think this kind of subconscious conditioning is a result from society looking down upon people just like me, who feel a lot of emotions.

It took me years to actually accept that feelings are quite often out of people’s control, and that I should never feel guilty for how my body is naturally reacting to things.

Society teaches us from a very young age that being sensitive or having an overwhelming amount of emotions, is something we should hide from others and strive to change in the process. If you ever feel this way, I urge you to embrace any emotion that this world gives you, don’t let the opinions of other people numb you, I certainly don’t anymore.


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