You Don't Have To Be So Hard On Yourself

You don't need to criticize the outcome of your most difficult life choices. You did what you found in yourself to do at the moment. You went to the deepest places within and came up with the best that you could provide to preserve your well-being. Don't blame yourself or continue to bear regret for the things you had little control over. - Susan Frybort

I feel as though one of my biggest flaws in life is just how hard I can be on myself, and for a very long time I thought it was natural and the good thing to be that way, which it is, but only to a certain extent. Self criticism is certainly a necessary tool in learning how to grow, but there is only so much negativity you can exert upon yourself until your self perception starts to become skewed.

I caught myself the other day in a bubble of pure procrastination, and I felt really shitty for the hour that I was absolutely doing nothing instead of being productive and marking things off my to-do list. Not only did that negative feeling stick with me for the remainder of the day, but it took a little bit of my self confidence as a whole along with it.

But then  it was through an attempt to cheer myself up that I realized this:

I have front row seats to all the awfulness that comes along with being a person, I have to watch and feel myself procrastinate on important stuff and be lazy when I should really be working, and I am only awarded that view of myself, no one else, so through my perspective I don’t get to see anyone else messing up or failing. So naturally, since I can’t see all the internal flaws in everyone else, it seems like they don’t have them- but they do.

The key to remember is that everyone has those flaws:

If being a good person is something that you strive for then simply keep those nasty thoughts inside your head instead of directing them at other people, support your friends instead of pushing them down, try your best as what you do- then I promise you, you’re a good person.You’re allowed to fail at things or feel shitty for something you did, all it takes to be a good person is to keep trying.

There is nothing more bad about you than there is about loads of other people. Just remember that if it seems like everyone else is a better person than you, it’s only because you can’t see what’s happening inside them. Trust me, everyone struggles to do the right thing sometimes.

You’re a good person, even if you don’t always feel like it.


Morgan LiskaComment